Market Pantry

Dinos, yetis & pirates—adding some illustrative fun to the redesign of
Target’s in-store grocery brand.


We worked with Target’s in-house design department to develop a number of illustrations and characters to grace the packaging of the newly redesigned in-store grocery brand, Market Pantry. The majority of the work focused on kid-centric products like fruit snacks, cereal and yogurt, however, it also included special seasonal and bakery items. The new illustrations worked within the brand language and focused on character development, illustrated flavor cues, and integrated typography.

Mp Juice
Mp Dinonuggets

Eight Hour Day is an incredibly valuable asset to my team and Target Creative as a whole. Through the development of the Market Pantry kid’s and seasonal programs they delivered world-class creative work—often under intense time constraints.

Steven Jockisch, Associate Creative Director

Mp Yeti Detail
Mp Yogurtfruit
Mp Cupcakes