Mystery and intrigue surround the rebranding of the Chicago-based digital agency Manifest.

Branding, Design, mural

Manifest 2 BusinessCards
Manifest 4 Pattern

"Eight Hour Day consistently unearth truths at the core of a project—even I didn't know were there. These have served as the foundation for some of the best design outcomes I've ever experienced."

Jim Jacoby, Client

Manifest 3 Insight

The Manifest brand was based on a conceptual exploration of cultural and historical references beyond the digital age, with a focus on human experiences, connections and creativity. Among the deliverables for this comprehensive rebranding was an exploration of the line between internal culture and external appearances, which resulted in the creation of a 40-character glyph language. Supplemental chapter marks illustrate core values or areas of discipline.

Manifest 6 Experience
Manifest 7 Mural