Facebook Events

Cover art for every occasion, party and season.

Iconography, Illustration

Facebook 1 Cake
Facebook 2 Cake

A series of illustrations for the inaugural set of artwork launched for Facebook Event themes. This new feature allows users to choose from a default set of themes to use as cover artwork for their events. Centered around the most popular types of events people create on Facebook, the set includes seasonal art and a range of different parties, celebrations and gatherings.

Facebook 3 Drinks
Facebook 4 Picnic
Facebook 5 Bird
Facebook 6 Roadtrip

EHD really synthesized what we were looking for, elevated the vision and made it come to life. It was one of the smoothest creative projects I’ve worked on and I attribute its success to their easygoing and collaborative nature.

Andrea Cheng, Product Marketing MNGR

Facebook 7 Winter
Facebook 8 Summer
Facebook 9 Fall