Blackbird Cafe

A corner cafe with farm-to-fork eats and a cozy-casual feel.

Branding, Design, Illustration

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“Eight Hour Day treated our business relationship like a partnership. Not only did they bring their top notch design skills, they were there for us for implementation and support like a true partner. We really felt they had a stake in our success. For example, their refresh of our website has translated to actual dollars in the door.”

gail mollner, owner

Inspired by Blackbird Cafe’s eclectic interior and acclaimed menu, we developed a brand identity that reflects the creative spirit and sensibilities of its owners, Chris Stevens and Gale Mollner. The timeless logo uses clean lines and serif typography to play between modern and vintage. The menu’s rich colors are layered with a subtle spot-varnish, resulting in a casual look with a touch of sophistication—perfect for this hip neighborhood bistro.

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