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This gift guide from Shop Indie curates the best of the Big Cartel maker community.

Art Direction, Design

BC GG 2 Summer Social
BC gg 3 Road Trip
BG GG 4 KidsPreview
BC GG 5 All

As part of Big Cartel’s strong support of their artists, they asked us to help them to curate a selection of summer-inspired goods. This seasonal gift guide focuses on the featured products with a minimal but highly crafted photo style, with themed groupings that are just as beautiful as the items themselves.

BC GG 7 Home

“EHD was a dream to work with—a perfect project, with impeccable thinking and followthrough on every detail. They were instantly just as concerned about all the tiny parts of the project as I was, which allowed me to calm down, sit back, and appreciate their thoughtful work and process. A really couple of sweethearts, to boot.”

Dan Christofferson, Community Director Big Cartel

BC GG 8 Desk