Introducing Bare Bottle

We could not be more excited to share the very first release for Bare Bottle. It has been a three year labor of love for us and a handful of others who love both wine and design. Also as super fans, we’re truly honored and ecstatic about having the work of Invisible Creature grace the inaugural bottle.

Each bottle is a limited run of design and wine, and a new wine/design combo will be released monthly. Some great artists and winemakers on the way!




Images by the super talented Josuha Harding.

Herman Miller’s A Better World Report

These illustrations by Brent Couchman for Herman Miller’s A Better World Report are eye candy heaven.

BrentCouchman_HermanMiller_2 BrentCouchman_HermanMiller_3

Revolving Doors by Man Ray

I simply cannot stop staring at this beautiful collage series by Man Ray.

ManRay_2 ManRay_3 ManRay_4

via but does it float

The Movie Title Stills Collection

I hadn’t seen the movie Dumbo in years, so when I saw it was available to stream on Netflix I decided to sit down and watch (big Disney fan). As soon as the movie started I was in love with the title and credit screens. It sent me down a path to look for more and I ended up at Movie Title Stills Collection. Wow, a girl could really get lost on a site like this.

Windows of New York

Every once in a while you see a project that is just such so simple, personal, engaging, and perfect—thus is the case with José Guíza’s Windows of New York, a weekly illustrated look (literally) into the life and architecture of New York. As a kid, and even now, I love peeking inside of peoples’ windows, imagining how their life differs from mine. The little details of Guíza’s are the best part. It is the nuances that tell you what kind of person might live there, how much money they might make, what time of year it is, or even if they have a green thumb. This will definitely be a project I’ll be following.