Jeremy Mickel

So Jeremy was the one who pretty much single-handedly found most of the other Officemates and got them on board. Even if you don’t know Jeremy by name there is no doubt you’ve seen his work. With clients like Etsy, AMC, House Industries and Kraft his work is all over the place. Along with creating custom fonts and logos, Jeremy also sells beautiful retail fonts through Village. I think I particularly love how diverse his style can be. Be sure to check out his new Superior Title font which will be available soon through Village and through his own site.

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Rose Daniels

I like to think of Rose as, well, rosy!  Seriously, the girl is always in a good mood, even when stressed—I’m not sure how she does it, I should probably start taking lessons. A transplant from Austin, by way of New York, Rose is primarily a web designer, but also dabbles in branding as well. I love how organized and clean her sites are, even when there is a large graphic quality to them. They walk that lovely line between feeling both structured and exploratory. To view more of Rose’s awesome work be sure to check out her site. Part of the Officemates series.

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Anne Ulku

Miss Anne sits right behind me and as well as doing some fabulous professional work the girl has a ton of awesome side projects, including Haikuglyphics and Six Word Stories Every Day. Her work is very graphic, full of vector goodness and custom lettering. Be sure and check out her full site here. Part of the Officemates series.

J. Zachary Keenan

Mr. Zachary Keenan works to my left and has some pretty great hand drawn style (along with a great taste in music). He’s recently decided to venture out on his own and start freelancing. I feel like he’s always doing work for some fun new thing, like branding for a pizza food truck, or lettering for a Jazz age lawn party. To see more of his work, check out his site here. Part of the Officemates series.

Andrew Kolb

I’ve been a big fan of Andrew Kolb for awhile now. His wonderful illustration work has just the right amount of retro flare mixed with pop culture. It is surprising and lovely—full of humor and graphic eye candy. Be sure to check out his portfolio and blog—he’s also a great follow in Pinterest.