One Year

There are a lot of things that inspire us, but one of our favorite sources of inspiration is travel. Our world can feel pretty small sometimes. Most of the time it’s just the two of us and a dog. So for the last two years, we’ve taken month-long remote working trips: to San Francisco in 2008 and to Brooklyn, New York, in 2009.

This year, we got a bit more adventurous. We had been feeling the need for “something” for awhile. We were ready to move on from a condo we owned in South Minneapolis, but we weren’t ready to buy a house or start a family quite yet. So instead, we hatched a harebrained scheme to travel across the United States for an entire year. We sold our home, rented out our studio and, this October, we’ll set off in search of design and inspiration. Here’s the route:

We start in Seattle and are hoping to travel to 10 different cities across the U.S., staying about a month in each, with a couple of months in both San Francisco and New York. The plan is to continue to work at full capacity, but remotely with existing clients—and maybe meet some new ones along the way. We will not be living out of a van like hobos, promise! Instead, we’ll be staying in dog-friendly sublets and vacation rentals in each town.

To help document all of this, we’ve redesigned our website and created this new blog. We’re hoping to have daily updates from the road on the themes of design and travel, plus whatever else comes our way. We will also be tweeting away, so if you want, follow us on Twitter. If you live in any of these cities (or in between) and have suggestions about what to do, where to eat and what to see, we’ll gladly take them! Just leave a comment, drop a note on Twitter or write us an e-mail.

Mainly, we’re just looking forward to being inspired, and hopefully inspiring others. Obviously, we realize that this is a bit venturesome. There’s a good chance we could fail miserably—but we gotta try, right?! Wish us luck and we’ll see you on the road! Katie and Nate (and Eli)

  1. colene says:

    it was so nice meeting you folks in NY – lots of luck with the rest of your travels!

  2. Shenee says:

    I’m doing the same thing next year! I am coming off a long stint of working from home and I am hoping to get on the road and really start seeing and experiencing new places and getting inspired so I am going on a similar tour! Can’t wait to dig into your blog and see how it goes!

  3. Amanda says:

    Did I miss something? What happened to Boston?

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