Our New Look

Yay! I finally got around to taking photos of our new business system. We created this identity with the understanding that we would be traveling for a year. Because of this, we kept amounts small and only printed what we felt we needed and what we felt would work best for this “alternative” working style. Instead of a standard letterhead, we opted for a postcard and notecard. We felt this was more mobile and highlighted the idea that we were on the road. We also use a stamp to pinpoint our location on a map on the mailing label.

Our new blog was a large part of this trip. For us it was a way to record and share our travels. Because of this, we wanted to have something to give people we met along the way, or those people or places we wanted to feature that wasn’t as stuffy as a business card. Our solution was the blog pog–a bit quirkier leave behind that let people know we were going to blog about them (EHD Likes You) or simply directed people to the blog to find out more (EHD Was Here).

It was beautifully letterpressed by the always awesome Studio On Fire.

  1. Javier Garcia says:

    Very slick! Love the blog leave behind idea.

  2. Melanie Richards says:

    Those pogs are awesome! Seems like it captures the fun spirit that you guys are all about (at least from my far-off evaluation!).

  3. Courtney Dolloff Eliseo says:

    I love this! Hope you don’t mind if I post about it tomorrow. :)

  4. Mervi Eskelinen says:

    Really nice and fresh look. The blog pogs are a great idea and they look awesome!

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