New Beginnings

After three years in transition, including a year on the road and a year in San Francisco, we decided to plant some roots, buy a house and move back to Minneapolis! And because we’re just a little bit kookie, we also decided to keep all of this from our friends and family, and instead surprise them in person at Christmas time. (And video tape it)

A part of our hearts will always remain in San Francisco, but we’re excited to be back in Minneapolis – here’s to new beginnings!!

  1. Dan Blackman says:

    So awesome. Congrats guys

  2. Abe says:

    You guys are crazy! This was fun to watch. MPLS has some of the best designers around, I’m sure the city welcomes you back. Blessings.

  3. SP says:

    Congrats on the move. The video is heart-warmingly delightful. Happy Holidays!

  4. Justin says:

    Heartwarming video. Congrats on the new place.

  5. krojos says:

    We finally get one back (from moving west). Suck it San Francisco (in the most loving way, of course)!

  6. Fabien Barral says:

    Congratulations ! This is a big change… enjoy the holidays !

  7. Fabien Barral says:

    This is what the best designers do, being creative for everything !!!

  8. Don Clark says:

    This is just awesome.

  9. mcarmen says:

    I have a great :) Felicidades!!

  10. kathleen says:

    y’all are awesome. Happy new year/home!

  11. matt porter says:

    Oh my. I say, what a marvelous holiday gift to offer your friends and family. and hilarious… loved the screaming jumping girls. I almost had tears in my eyes and I don’t even know you guys except for a few on the road emails. Welcome home!

  12. Sarah Parmenter says:

    This was so beautiful to watch. Congratulations to you both – raising a glass to new beginnings for you.

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