Miami Car Candy

Nate with Ferrari in Miami
Our first night in Miami Beach we noticed something rather unusual—people photographing themselves with cars—almost as if the cars were celebrities. Not wanting to be left out, I made a point of having my picture taken with all the candy coated glossiness I could. Here’s a small sample of the hotness that is the Miami car scene… enjoy!

Nate with Rolls Royce in Miami
Nate with Miniature Hummer in Miami
Nate with stripper limo in Miami
Nate with porsche in Miami
Nate with lamborghini in Miami
Nate with Ferrari in Miami

  1. Joseph Blalock says:

    Priceless and appropriate posing! Hope you guys had fun there.

  2. Matt Lehman says:

    Love the pointing!

    “Why is Nate taking this picture? OH WAIT. What’s he pointing at? That bitchin’ car! He must be rich or know people who are rich. He deserves my respect!”

    Without the point it would just be a picture of Nate and the sidewalk.

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