We Made It!

So after 12 months and 10 cities we actually made it back to Minneapolis. I have to say, it was a bit surreal driving into town. There is a stretch of interstate 94 that weaves its way through downtown Saint Paul. I still remember the very first time I ever went through that area—I loved it from the beginning. From Saint Paul it was on to Minneapolis. To see the skyline growing in the distance truly felt like coming home.

So we decided to change our One Year travel plans half way through the year. Here’s how things ended up. We added Miami (who wouldn’t?), spent only a short amount of time in Savannah and Chicago (the filled dots represent a month long stay or more), extended our stay in New York, and the big change—we decided to take this trip to Europe for a month! We had such an amazing time of the road. We met so many amazing people. Saw so many amazing things. I think we just didn’t want it to end!

Our European portion included Barcelona, Venice, Monterosso, Florence, Rome, Athens, and Santorini. Posts and pictures to come!

  1. Phil Coffman says:

    Smart choice on making a stop in the Cinque Terre. Such a beautiful place! Did you walk the trail between the 5 towns?

    • Katie says:

      Just between Monterosso and Vernazza. It’s a bit of a hike but beautiful!

  2. Vee Santiago says:

    This is so inspiring! Now I live in South Florida, I’d love your take on miami? I find that on every blog everywhere else is cooler than south florida. what did you find in Miami? Just curious!

    • Katie says:

      We liked it quite a bit actually, loved the Cuban influences there. Plus, palm trees, beaches, sunshine—can’t go wrong there either!

  3. Josh Wilburne says:

    I saw both of you speak in LA (at Creative Mornings) and I really just wanted to say that I found your year in travel hugely inspirational. I’m sad to see it end, but I just wanted to thank you for doing it the whole year and being so open about your experiences. One day I’ll do my own year in design across the country, and I’ll be sure to let you know how much your trip pushed me to take mine. Basically, thanks.


    • Katie says:

      Awe, thanks Josh! High five!

  4. Stu says:

    It was great to meet you guys while you were in Austin. Jealous of the overall trip!

  5. kellyhicks says:

    Wow im so jealous! That sounds like an amazing experience! I love the way you revised your plan, what an experience! I would love to do this someday!

  6. Justin Avery says:

    I’m super impressed with all the great pictures and adventures you had through Italy (sorry, that’s all I’ve looked at so far). It brought back some very fond memories of doing a similar trip and really makes me want to go back and do it again.

    Looks like the plans for 2013 are in place then.

  7. Matthew Power says:

    This is really inspirational stuff. I need to take the time and sit down and read through it properly. I would say my two favourite things in life are Graphic Design and Travel, so this really struck a chord. It seems incredibly hard for someone from the UK to come and work in the United States, but it’s something I’m determined to do so at some point.

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