Jessi Arrington

To call Jessi Arrington simply a color-lover would be an understatement. Seriously, she is a rainbow—in attire, personality and design–and her blog Lucky So and So documents her whole arc. With its love of shopping, design and color, Lucky So and So may be the most colorful blog known to man. My favorite part has got to be the outfit page. Even for a girl who likes her black, the color combinations and playful attitude behind this fashion blog are inspiring. For even more inspiration, be sure to watch Jessi’s TED talk on the Undies Project, where she packed only a week’s worth of undies for her trip to TED.

  1. shannon glasheen says:

    Hi Jessi, I just watched your talk on and loved it! I am also a “wear nothing new”-er as well as a sustainable fashion designer. I’ll admit, I do want people to shop for “new” things because that is how I plan to make a living soon enough… But I recycle and re-purpose thrift store finds to create updated vintage looks or just any kind of unique one-of-a-kind garments made for women who want to stand out and who are also environmentally conscious consumers. I’m always on the hunt for a hidden treasure! So thank you for your passion to be bold and beautiful and to inspire other women like ourselves. -Shannon, Miss Goldylocks Designs, San Francisco CA

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