Eli, no! Eli, yes!

We couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you–it’s been a long time coming. A book I started over two years ago has finally been published! “Eli, no!” is the story of a dog, some amusing antics and lots of unconditional love. It’s easy to read and even more fun to shout, so share in the fun and grab one for yourself!

Or, if you’re feeling lucky, head on over to GrainEdit and enter for a chance to win 3 signed copies! Details can be found here.

Also, if you’re in the Twin Cities area, you’re invited to our book launch party on Saturday, October 22nd at the Red Balloon Bookstore in Saint Paul. Come say hi and bring the kiddos! There will be cake! (Always a selling point with me!)

  1. Amanda says:

    Is Eli aware he is a celebrity? ;) Fantastic illustrations. Adorable Eli.

    Best of luck with the book!

  2. Studio On Fire says:

    Beautifully done, congrats. Can’t wait to get one or two or three.

  3. Meg says:

    oh my goodness, Katie! How amazing!!

  4. Barclay says:

    Love! Need! Great work Katie and Eli!

  5. Jill Browning says:

    Congrats on the new book! Can’t wait to get a copy. (I mentioned it on my blog back in August: http://jillbrowning.com/blog/2011/08/12/eli-no/)

    What a cute puppy!

  6. Jill Browning says:

    Oops, the parenthesis screwed up the link. Try this one: http://jillbrowning.com/blog/2011/08/12/eli-no/

  7. ALLAN says:

    Just found out we are having our second baby, so I ordered this as a gift! Looks fantastic!

  8. Jamie says:

    I can’t wait to get a copy! It’s beautiful!

  9. emily b says:

    Katie – this looks absolutely fabulous. I am definitely adding it to my wishlist. Not only are the illustrations gorgeous, but Eli looks a lot like our hound dog! Beautiful work – your book is going to be a huge success!

  10. Beth @ Hero Design Studio says:

    I have admired this book for a long time now. Congrats on it being published. I am sure it will be a huge success! What an amazing tribute to your best friend, I am sure you will cherish this forever! I wish you lots of success.

  11. Wes says:

    Just got a copy for my boys – they’ll love it (hopefully as much as I do!)

  12. daily cabot says:

    I love your work !!
    i have publish a post on my blog Daily Cabot With your illustrations http://www.dailycabot.com/katie-kirk/

    Dog Friendly ;-)

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