A Dog Day at the Beach

We were beyond thrilled when Purina ONE approached us with a fun idea—go out into the world and make a positive impact on your life and your pet’s life. Who can turn down something like that? As part of their Ingredients for Good initiative, Purina ONE sponsored a little family outing for the two of us and Eli of our choosing. In our minds, there was only one place on the list—Fort Funston.

Fort Funston is a national park and off-leash dog area right on the Pacific Ocean. We were introduced to it by some friends when we first visited San Francisco four years ago. It is an amazing natural wonder with large cliffs, California flora and fauna, and ocean views. I’m pretty sure it’s Eli’s favorite place in the world.

The day we went the weather was gorgeous and sunny without a cloud in the sky. The waves were unusually big that day too. We’ve been fortunate to have seen hang gliders there on a couple of occasions but hadn’t yet seen surfers. That day there were a number of surfers in the distance riding the waves, pretty fun to watch.

The beach was bump’n—as it usually is on a weekend. Dogs of every shape and size. Eli had a blast. He carried his red ball from beginning to end, splashed in waves, rolled in sand, sniffed out treasure, and made new friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday—Thanks Purina ONE!

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