Desk Space for Rent

We have a desk space opening up for rent in the studio on October 1st. Drop me a line at if you’re interested. We’re looking for fun, creative professionals to work alongside!

Here are the details:
Rent for the desk space is $350 a month. Rent includes desk space, internet, electricity, security system, laser printer, storage, and meeting area. There is also a small fridge, microwave and toaster. People will also be able to get mail there, etc. It’s a good building in a good location, a lot of new agencies have moved in including Sussner Design and Imagehaus. We are offering both 3 and 6 month lease options. Person must be OK with dogs. The space would be available October 1st.

  1. Fabien Barral says:

    “Person must be OK with dogs.”… well, this is Eli, not a simple dog ;)

  2. cousin says:

    I am really interested, i am from hatley, i will bring my dog for companionship, looking to curl up under a desk to get away from children, and get some sleep. And also some great company. Not interested in using it for work, just for a place to relax with my cuz.

    • Katie says:

      You are too funny.

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