Celeste Prevost & Rob Angermuller

We call this couple “The Sherpas of the Internet.” If something you should know about is happening, they’re the ones who will tell you about it first. We met Celeste and Rob a couple years ago when they moved from Colorado to Minneapolis. Both have a passion for design, and we had an instant friendship.

Celeste’s design style tends to be clean and modern, playful and colorful. She has a beautiful and ever-expanding collection of iconography. To see more, check out her new site at designisfine.com.

Rob’s work tends to feel a bit more urban and layered, yet it’s always in balance, with clean typography and modern palettes. His website features everything from branding to interactive to illustration—I don’t think he sleeps. To see more of his work, check out his site at lifterbaron.com.

  1. Arielle Weiler says:

    Celeste is amazing! I love her work!

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