Throughout 2016 I frequented trainyards around the midwest exploring the array of graphic markings found on tank and boxcars. I'm fascinated by these seemingly arbitrary codes. Because of their utilitarian nature, these graphic markings are often overlooked, defaced, hand-rendered and left to oxidize in really beautiful ways. This project captures these colors, textures and typography.

This November, I am sharing this collection at the Spyhouse Coffee Shop on Nicollet & 25th. You can also view the images online at http://www.nathanstrandberg.com.

Manifest Glyphs

Every once in a while a project surprises you and maybe takes a different turn than you were expecting. This was the case with the glyphs we created for Manifest. Together with Creative Director Jim Jacoby, now with the ADMCi, we created a 47 character glyph language. The glyphs were originally meant to be used internally as a sort of secret code, however, after we put them on our site they took on a life of their own—mainly in the tattoo world. Tattoos of the glyphs started popping up everywhere and now we get about an email or so a week asking where the glyphs came from (us) and what their historical background is (none). They even ended up on a buzzfeed article from a couple years ago talking about the “19 Tattoos That Literally Everyone Got In 2014.” It’s been fun to see people connect with them and even inspire new projects and art - take a look…

Love Grows

New letterpress print available in the shop

100% of sales will go towards One Acre Fund
One Acre Fund is a charity that offers small-scale farmers in Africa access to the resources they need to succeed—including financing, distribution and training. These tools help pull them out of poverty and end hunger in their communities.

Size: 5" x 7" 
Paper: Neenah, Cranes Letra, Pearl White 220 Lb. Cover
Printing: Letterpress
Inks: Black ink and gold foil
Printed by: The Weekend Press

+UPDATE 3/31/16+
$180 Donated! Thanks everyone!

+UPDATE 1/10/17+
$300 donated! Thank you!