PLAY by Club Kiddo

We have never done an art show but it was something we’ve always wanted to give a go. When we launched our new brand, Club Kiddo, it felt like the perfect opportunity. We were blessed from the beginning with some amazing partners. From the perfect CO Exhibition gallery run by Burlesque of North America to the fabulous mural printing provided by Smartpress. We also received wonderful sponsorship from Packlane and the Seebinger Group

With their help, we launched PLAY, a family-friendly art pop-up. The show was a two-week-long immersive art experience where kids and their families explored Club Kiddo’s fictional clubs through large scale murals, art projects and interactive displays. Exhibits included a selfie stage, a large-scale coloring wall, Beau and Dottie’s Campground, and oversized building blocks.

Thank you to everyone who came out. We had SO much fun meeting new people and seeing families explore the space together. It gave us all the warm fuzzies and made us love our city and our community even more (if that’s even possible). 

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Club Kiddo Launches

We are so so so excited to share that we recently launched a new company, Club Kiddo!

Club Kiddo is a new company that Nate and I have been working on for the last 3 years. It’s an art and apparel brand based on imaginary clubs for real kids. Basically, it’s a kids brand celebrating who they are, what they’re into, and where they’ve been (with a dash of parental humor on the side).

We’ve always been fascinated with the idea of secret societies and subcultures. We love the idea of people coming together over shared passions, the fun of mysterious secrets and the excitement of being in the know. When we became parents, we were inspired by how even the most mundane objects or experiences became fresh and interesting in our son’s eyes. The world is indeed filled with awesome. 

Although we love princesses and superheroes, we wanted apparel and art options that went beyond branded merchandise. Things that might spark a high-five between kids, and a wink between parents. A gender-neutral, modern kids brand—inspired by kiddos, for kiddos.

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Come Office with Eight Hour Day

We’re always looking for fun, creative professionals to work alongside! We currently have two desks available in our six person studio. Drop us a line if you’re interested in hanging with our crew.

Here are the details:
Rent for the desk space is $350 a month. Rent includes desk space, internet, electricity, security system, laser printer, storage, and meeting area. There is also a small fridge, microwave and toaster. People will also be able to get mail there, etc. It’s a good building in a good location in the North Loop. Dogs are welcome.

Zodiac Print Series

I had always wanted to do an art print series on the zodiac—but you know how sometimes you start something, and then Mercury goes into retrograde, and you don’t finish the project for another three years? Well, I do.

Inspired by Ancient Greek pottery, the art focuses on strong shapes and geometric decorative line work. The prints are limited edition and use a double hit of black on this gorgeous off-white Mohawk Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress paper. The paper adds a beautiful soft textural aspect to the print—and each print is unique with it’s own subtle variations. Printed by the amazing Weekend Press.

For sale now in our shop!


Throughout 2016 I frequented trainyards around the midwest exploring the array of graphic markings found on tank and boxcars. I'm fascinated by these seemingly arbitrary codes. Because of their utilitarian nature, these graphic markings are often overlooked, defaced, hand-rendered and left to oxidize in really beautiful ways. This project captures these colors, textures and typography.

This November, I am sharing this collection at the Spyhouse Coffee Shop on Nicollet & 25th. You can also view the images online at

Manifest Glyphs

Every once in a while a project surprises you and maybe takes a different turn than you were expecting. This was the case with the glyphs we created for Manifest. Together with Creative Director Jim Jacoby, now with the ADMCi, we created a 47 character glyph language. The glyphs were originally meant to be used internally as a sort of secret code, however, after we put them on our site they took on a life of their own—mainly in the tattoo world. Tattoos of the glyphs started popping up everywhere and now we get about an email or so a week asking where the glyphs came from (us) and what their historical background is (none). They even ended up on a buzzfeed article from a couple years ago talking about the “19 Tattoos That Literally Everyone Got In 2014.” It’s been fun to see people connect with them and even inspire new projects and art - take a look…

Love Grows

New letterpress print available in the shop

100% of sales will go towards One Acre Fund
One Acre Fund is a charity that offers small-scale farmers in Africa access to the resources they need to succeed—including financing, distribution and training. These tools help pull them out of poverty and end hunger in their communities.

Size: 5" x 7" 
Paper: Neenah, Cranes Letra, Pearl White 220 Lb. Cover
Printing: Letterpress
Inks: Black ink and gold foil
Printed by: The Weekend Press

+UPDATE 3/31/16+
$180 Donated! Thanks everyone!

+UPDATE 1/10/17+
$300 donated! Thank you!